Apr 26, 2010

Birth Mother's Day is almost here!

Birth Mother's Day is almost here!

One goal of Birth Mom Missions is to increase media awareness of Birth Mother's day (which has been the day before mother's day every year since 1990)

Remember....if you are adopted, your Birth Mother Loves You!

(options to birthmom: lifemom, firstmom, tummymom, etc...In actuality most birth moms of adoption don't really care what they are called by the adoptive family and others....as long as they are called.)
“So on Birthmother’s Day I find myself in the grocery store buying a dozen yellow roses for myself, just as I will do again this year. And I will write to me a card that says, “A good mother does what is best for her children ... you are a good mother.” And I will put them on the table and I will glance at them throughout the day. I may even have the courage to breathe in their sweet scent. Their presence in my house, and on my table, will be a reminder that sometimes being a good mother is something I have to do alone. Without thank you’s or giggles of joy, when there are no smiles of pride to confirm, when there are no handmade cards to open carefully, when there are no gifts to exclaim surprise over, when there are no party hats or balloons to throw out, when there is no cake to cover, when there are no laps or little arms to embrace ... when it is just simply a dozen yellow roses sitting atop my kitchen table seemingly whispering all day long; I remember the reason I am a good mother.
A good mother will spend all day cleaning her children’s rooms just to get all the toys back out that evening as she plays beside her children without any knowledge of time. A good mother will wait to pay the bills until after her kids go to sleep so that they don’t hear her crying. A good mother will get immunizations, birth records, applications, fees, and every minute detail taken care of in less than a day just so she can enjoy the moment her five year old sees his Kindergarten classroom for the first time. A good mother will not scream or cry when taking care of a bloody wound just so her child will remain calm. A good mother will cook a meal and even though she is exhausted she will sit down to dinner with the energy of a two-year-old just to ensure her children eat right. A good mother will praise even the littlest of things, and discipline the worst of things, all with the same attitude so that her children know no fear of success or failure. And the greatest of mothers do all this and more without being motivated by what she will be given in return for her sacrifices. A good mother will give her child over into the lives of a family who will give that child what she cannot, just to ensure its happiness. A good mother will never, for one moment, think of herself before she thinks of her children. And she never asks for a reward in return for her heroic ability to do everything she does.
The difference between Birthmother’s Day with yellow roses on my table and Mother’s Day with my three children eager to please? Birthmothers Day is for me to validate that one incredible act of motherhood that not only gave life, but that truly taught me the real meaning of what being a mother is. And Mother’s Day is the ultimate reward that stems from those beautiful flowers sitting atop my table.© Courtney Frey

Happy Birthmother’s Day to all my yellow rose girls who will be remembering the same thing as I this coming Saturday!
Explanation of Birthmother’s day:
Birthmother’s day is a day to celebrate and honor our birthmotherhood. Its a day to reflect on the choice we made and the life we gave. Its a day to recognize, that we are good mothers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our children.
History on Birthmother’s Day:
Birthmother’s Day is celebrated the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It originated in 1990 by a group of birthmothers in Seattle, Washington. Most birthmothers will agree that Mother’s Day is a very painful holiday and these women wanted to create something that would honor their birthmotherhood.
Celebrating Birthmom’s Day:

Birthmother’s Day unites birthmoms. A lot of agencies and organizations are hosting birthmother’s day events and it has become more recognized by the adoption community as a day of remembrance for birthmothers. Check with agencies, support groups, and adoption related organizations in your area to see if they might be hosting a Birthmom’s Day event. If not, then celebrate on your own. Treat yourself to a special dinner or buy yourself a rose - something to celebrate your birthmotherhood!!
Before I became a birth mom I had no idea there was such a thing. Then when mother's day rolled around last year, just a month after placement day, it was nice to find there was a holiday for us women who didn't really fit into the "mother's day" category to be remembered. We hope next year to have enough funds in the nonprofit to celebrate in a much bigger way and affect more women (pre and post adoption) I wish for all adoptee's to know how much they are truly loved by us. I will never stop loving my daughter. When she is old enough and the parents tell her about me, I want her to be able to see that I never stopped loving her from the moment I said goodbye, Ask us for any advice on gift selections or wording: info@birthmommissions.com

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Support Birth Mother's on Birth Mom's Day 2010!

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