Oct 2, 2010

Poem for a reunion with birth mother

I just found this in my old notes. Thought I’d post it because I’ll probably never randomly find it again in all my mess of papers. It is not good or anything, it’s just what I remember writing a few weeks after the adoption placement day. I was already ready preparing for our reunion before a month had even passed. I was thinking of what I would write on one of the many cards I intended to give her, when we met. How could I explain to her what I had done? – was the biggest thing on my mind. Maybe it still is…
Dear Daughter,
There is something I’ve always wanted to say.
It’s something I’ve thought about everyday.

I tried to say my goodbye’s on adoption day,  like I knew I should.
I just want you to know,  I never really could.
I never really said goodbye, although sometimes people wished I would.

No,  I carried you with me every day, and never let a memory of you go away.

Throughout your childhood I watched you grow.
I cherished each photo more than you’ll ever know!

I bragged about you often, like every mother does.
But I  knew YOU really were the best their ever was!

Still a missing part of my heart,  I  wished did never depart.
Cause all I had were pictures and written tales about you. 
And I always knew there was so much more to YOU.

I cried so many nights, wishing I could hold you again. 
You were so used to my touch, way back then.
I prayed you would want to see me when would you grew older, 
and not give me the could shoulder. 
But I’d love you even if you did, because you are MY kid!

Now I can’t believe the passing of time is done!
I finally get to meet YOU and tell how proud I am of who you have become! 

I’ll see you tomorrow.  Please, don’t be nervous sweetie.  I am alot like you, and I’ll understand your heart no matter what you say or do. 

Love, mom