Oct 13, 2017

More things I wrote while still healing

Can you look at this picture and NOT SMILE? Just curious....
That's my baby girl. She is 5 now, I miss her so (I haven't seen her since the first month, y'all know the
story, it's not sad) I promised I would have it BIG before she got to
age 8. So I have to share at least the main link to my mission that I
dedicated to her. I mean there is more info. I wrote the story so many
times. The mission does A LOT over last 5 years. We really are unique
and need to step it up ( I do regarding promotion) People need to know
this service is out there. I made it cause there was nothing like it for
me after placing her. If you ever have time or want to know more I can
show you how this fits into all the principles I stand by, it's not
obvious what we do, it's different than you would expect. As usual!
That's Ann Elaine in the picture, She lived even though I thought I
wanted to kill her. I almost gave in to temptation. But I simply had
forgotten that I was a woman and could do this. I saw up close the
states maneuvers on young women to make them feel worthless, helpless,
and give them no rights to even hold their baby... When it was certainly
our right. So it's a big part of society, another part that needs a
revolution is all and we are 20% of the way through. So check it out
sometime if you can. Or ask. WE help adoptive families, we end welfare,
we get rid of nonprofits as the main goal, we don't use any donate funds
to pay anyone. EVERYHTING goes to the pregnant women and children. She
is safe and happy and that's what counts, but the system screwed her
and me and her family and at least it isn't happening to other women and
children now that we are here. It's just hard to cover the whole us
with just 2 people! Ok that's my spiel. Random! CAN YOU NOT SMILE? A
link to one page is http://causes.com/birthmommissions
http://birthmommission.com http://facebook.com/birthmommissions