Nov 20, 2009

I know you still remember

I know you still remember
On that April Day
When you gave birth to me
and had to walk away

I know it is not because
You did not care for me
You only wanted what was best
And that is how it had to be

It takes a very strong person
To give a child away
Doing what is right for the child
No matter what others might say

I think of you often
And wonder who you are
If I will ever know you
And if I am up to par

I hope to get the chance
To talk to you some day
I have so many questions
So many things to say

I want you to know that I love you
And I always will
I hope to have the opportunity
To tell you how I feel

All I can hope for
Is that you feel the same way
Please do not turn away from me
And not hear what I have to say

I promise to honor
whatever you choose
I have to take a chance and find you
what have I got to lose

Poem to my Birthmom by Patti Vinsison

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