Dec 13, 2009

Praying in the cold pays off

Building on the momentum of the just-finished 40 Days-Dallas vigil at Robinson's abortion center on Record Crossing Rd, and in light of the opening of the new Southwestern late-term abortion center, we have decided not to wait until next spring or fall to hold the next 40 Days for Life-Dallas Prayer Vigil.

Here's the plan
What: Winter 40 Days for Life-Dallas
When: Sat., December 12, 2009 – Fri., January 22, 2010
Where: Southwestern late-term abortion center
Address: 8616 Greenville Ave. (off Royal Ln in north Dallas)

What’s New?
This will be a modified vigil -- instead of 24 or 12 hours per day, we're asking for 4 hours of intense prayer from 8 a.m.- Noon (can adjust on Christmas Day).

We need churches and groups to sign up to adopt these 4-hour prayer vigil days. The minimum needed is two people praying per hour. We pray that God will hear our prayers that there will be at least 8 people of faith per day who are willing to come out and pray at the vigil site at Royal Ln and Greenville Ave during these 40 Days.

Praying in the cold pays off
The first Dallas winter campaign was in 2004 in front of Aaron’s late-term abortion center. The Winter 40 Days Vigil was extremely sacrificial - it was cold and took place over the holiday season. But God honored our sacrifice, and not only did Aaron's late term abortion center close in the summer of 2008, bringing the number of abortion centers in Dallas from six to five, but as you drive eastbound on LBJ Freeway between Preston and Hillcrest, you will see that the former facility where so many babies lost their lives has been leveled to the ground, without even a trace.

Visit to sign up for the 40 Days Winter Campaign. You can also contact Campaign Director Milissa Kukla at

Catholic Pro-Life Committee

Please help spread the word to others about this critical life-saving prayer effort!  For more information, to adopt a day for your church, or to sign up to pray for a half hour or more at the vigil, contact Campaign Director Milissa Kukla at 972-313-0208,, or visit All are welcome!
pdf_icon.gif  Click here to view the list of adopted & available days.
pdf_icon.gif  Click here for event flyer in English.
pdf_icon.gif  Click here for event fler in Spanish.

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