Mar 6, 2010

We are oficially a non profit that can be listed on guidestar, therefore on everything!It's been a long wait!

Avh Finally we are a legit 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization:

Now all donations to this facebook cause will go directly to the mission! Now we can really get to work! Our main website ( has been updated, and also several other thing...s. Any suggestions are always welcome too. Our new toll free phone number is 1-888-4ULOVED (catchy huh?) but for the next week our temporary number is: 866-718-9756. Hopefully it's an easy enough number to remember and you can give it out the next time run into someone in need of our support. It's free and they can call 24/7 to talk to a birth mom. That's about it, just wanted to let you know we ere.

Thanks again! 

I don't like sending too many cause updates (think I have only sent 3 total over the year) because I know how annoying they can be consuming your inbox! So if you want to be updated more often on where we are in the process of growing the mission, you can subscribe here:


Birth Mom Missions provides a much needed (and often overlooked) service to women who have placed their child for adoption.
We offer guidance before, after and during the adoption process to all women who ask, regardless of their choices made. Much of this is done through phone conversations, emails, letters, prayers and social networking correspondence. We are dedicated to providing nonjudgmental assistance to any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and guidance for those who choose to become birth mothers.
Birth Mothers have parted with a huge piece of themselves. Even the most independent woman will tell you that having a child changes a woman's view of herself. Placing that child is akin to letting go of a piece of yourself.
We offer local supportive groups (growing nationwide) made up of women who have been through the similar experiences. We want to provide young women in the future with the knowledge and support that we wish we had from a birth mother. Someone who knew what it was like and was unbiased. Someone to talk to us, inform us, guide us, emphasize with us, and answer all our silly questions. One goal of the mission is to someday see every pregnant woman that is considering adoption,to have at least one birth mother mentor.
The mission touches the lives of those adopted, adoptive parents, hopeful adoptive parents, pregnant woman at risk, the unborn, and other parts of society in ways yet to be seen.

Some background:
It seems that the grief which results from adoption loss more often follows a pattern which is the exact opposite of what one might expect in the case of other losses. From my research, I have made certain conclusions on the grief associated with adoption loss, based on my own experience, the experiences of the women I have encountered and the books on grief and grief counselling which I have read. It became obvious to me that the common models of grief counselling would not work with mothers who had lost children through adoption. I concluded that the grief resulting from the loss of a child through adoption was fundamentally different from other types of grief. I explored grief associated with abortion, with stillbirth and neo-natal death and with loss of custody. Although there were some similarities, it seemed that adoption grief was unique.
This disenfranchised grief is when the grief is connected with a loss which cannot be openly acknowledged, publicly mourned or socially supported. In many cases of disenfranchised grief, the relationship is not recognised, the loss is not recognised or the griever is not recognized. The loss of a child through adoption is usually a loss which cannot be openly acknowledged, which is why mothers often suffer in silence...people who have experienced any type of loss often feel anger, guilt, sadness, depression, hopelessness and numbness and that in cases of disenfranchised grief, these feelings can persist for a very long time. The lack of recognition of their grief often results in them holding on to it more tenaciously than they might otherwise have done.

The 3 main goals within Birth Mom Missions are:
1. Support & Advice for Women pre-and post adoption.
2. Birth Mom's for Life:
Every year approximately 1.3 million single women become unexpectedly pregnant. Sadly, less than two percent choose the loving option of adoption, while two million couples eagerly wait to adopt children. The abortion rate continues to rise. Each day, women wake up in our community believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy.
3. Adoption Celebration, Advocacy & Reform

We would appreciate if you would help us spread the word by joining or telling someone about BirthMomMissions.Com. You can becoming a fan of our facebook page.

Our website has more info on what we are all about:

Donations Go To…


  1. To defend the defenseless & innocent. Chilldren are God's greatest gift to us and as Mother Teresa says, "Jesus in disguise"
  2. Explain adoption today & the many options available to young women besides abortion. And that no child is unwanted & plenty of couples to adopt!
  3. To change the misconceptions of a birth mother's motivation. To show birth mother's never abandoned child but want the best for them.
  4. Make sure every adoptee knows they are loved by many. And their birth mother thinks of them everyday, always!
  5. Persuade People that Rape Does Not Justify Abortion.. Two wrongs don't make a right., but an innocent child sure can!

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