Nov 8, 2010

I was just wondering...

by Birth Mom Missions on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 2:27pm
  1. What is her favorite color?
  2. How is she sleeping?
  3. Has she been sick yet?
  4. Does she gets scared of the thunder?
  5. Does she play in her tutu I got for her? Does it fit? Isn't pink her favorite color?
  6. What words can she say?
  7. Does she have an accent like me?
  8. Is her stomach doing ok? Does she regularly poop?
  9. Does she like to take baths or not?
  10. What’s her favorite song?
  11. Her favorite book?
  12. Do you sing or read her to sleep at night?
  13. Do you ever play the songs I put on the CD for her to hear?
  14. How well can she talk now?
  15. Does she make friends easily?
  16. What is her Last name? Or just her middle one?
  17. Does she recognize people after meeting them just once?
  18. How is her teething coming along?
  19. Does she have an overbite? (I did)
  20. How was she on the first plane trip she took?
  21. Does she share well with others?
  22. Is she picky about anything?
  23. What is the most annoying thing she does? (If any)
  24. Has she asked questions about why she looks different yet?
  25. I could go on forever, and I do in my mind, everyday.

Can you just tell me everything about her, I long so deep to know who she is. Hug her for me, PLEASE!
This page is just pieces of my diary over the past five years or so. I got this awesome software that will dictate my speech and type up anything I say, so I’m just going through all my writings and FINALLY going to get them documented somewhere! I am not a big fan of typing, or else I would be sharing so much more with you. These entries are not very well organized yet, but you can probably tell what time it is written y who I am addressing it to.
So if some of the words are a bit off, it’s probably because the dictation software heard me wrong and I have yet to correct it. For example:  “I have so many hopes and James for you” just go ahead and assume that means dreams…lol
I put different entries in different colors, to make it a little clearer
  • Letters I never sent
  • My Dreams
  • The recurring dream (main one)
  • Things I’d tell her
  • Video Diaries
Random day:
I was just wondering…