Dec 10, 2010

BirthMom Adoption's Birthday Wish

Rainbow My Birthday Wish is in honor of My daughter & my Little Life Saver, Annie. Your First mom loves You sooo much!
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First the auto-generated text:

Hello, and thanks for checking out my Birthday Wish!

For my birthday this year, instead of getting me a typical birthday gift, I'm asking my friends and family to donate $30 (or however much you can afford) to Birth Mom Missions. It's a great cause that supports women, children, and families involved in the adoption triad. I've chosen Birth Mom Missions because..."

OK, that's where the auto text wants ends....

So why did I choose Birth Mom Missions?

Well, because it means so much to me to have this service available to women out there who need us, women like me when who could of greatly benefited from the support. I don't want another birth mother (first mother, or any name) to go through this alone and without a birth mother there to help. Regardless of what she chooses... We don't push adoption on girls by any means, we just help the millions of women out there already who are birth mothers and are trying to live in a world that might not be so sympathetic to their feelings of loss or unresolved disenfranchised grief. Think of all the adopted kids in the world today, they all came from somewhere...

What do we do? I try to summarize here:
We want all birth mothers to have the best possible life they can, starting from whatever moment we meet them at along the adoption process. Besides that we also want to make sure adoptees out there know they are loved . And also we DO promote life over abortion, and that is particularly my favorite aspect of the mission sometimes (saving lives) I say this not from the pulpit or some sign I hide behind, but because my daughter was conceived through rape. I almost lost her to the abortion temptation, but God saved her and me and for once I really understood the beauty of life. He saved us, and we'd like to save someone's unborn child too if we possibly can. My daughter e is perfect and I did not give her up because I was raped. If anything, I loved her SO much more and I would have taken her home in a second if God hadn't shown me the mom and dad that were praying for her since day one. I love her more than life itself today! I know it's sounds corny, cheesy, maybe even fake too... but that's it, that's why I am here and with this mission. It wasn't all lollipops though, by any means! I doesn't just go back to normal for a birthmom. I could of used support then and after the adoption. I still need it today, and I always will too. Other birth mothers help me and I help them. That's why I'd like to keep birth mom missions around for as long as possible and help more women each year. A short slogan for it is..."Changing the face of adoption, cherishing life, & supporting birth mom at a time! " (if that is an easier summary)

I also want to admit that I feel like a solicitor and annoying by having my own "Birthday Cause Wish" But it is what I'd wish for if I had the chance. I receive things like this all the time from non-profits, like everyone else.. (campaigns would be the proper word) but I can't help but doubt them when every letter is asking for money. But that is just me. The mission will hardly survive or grow any without some help from donations. So, until the mission learns how to ask for donations without sounding pathetic, I thought it would be good to use this platform while it is here. Any money donated would be a blessing. I don't expect anywhere near $500 or even $10 donated... But I WOULD like to spread the word about us and tell our purpose and our needs to just get them out there. I expect someone out there could use help that doesn't know it is there. I want my daughter (when she does learn about me) to see this mission and to know that I did it all because of her and for her, and she was never "not wanted" by anyone.

You can find out more about the mission (and probably a much better explanation of our services on one of our websites:**

More auto text, but it sounds about right:

"Please consider giving to my Birthday Wish, and together we can make the world a better place. If you can't afford to donate, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share this page with your friends."

-BirthMom (for privacy reasons I agreed to in the adoption, I just go by birthmom for now)
I'm asking for $25, or as much as you can afford.
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My Birthday Wish supports: Birth Mom Missions
Their mission is “Changing the face of adoption, cherishing life, & supporting birth mom at a time!” Learn more
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